Circulo de Influencia

In class, we are reading the book “Vida y Muerte.” It is about a boy whose family is heavily influenced by the El Salvadorian gang MS-13, and he joins the gang himself. We were instructed to make a collage explaining our family or the people who influence us the most, just as the narrators life is influenced by the gang  

1. Mi madre es una de las personas más importantes de influencia de mi vida. Ella es muy compasiva de mi y todo lo que hago.

2. Mi hermana siempre apoya mi y vida puedo hablar con ella sobre todo y ella escucha y me comprende.

3. Mi abuelo es como segundo padre para mi. El me enseñó a montar un caballo y atar mis zapatos.

Costa Rica

Follow Callie’s board Costa Rica on Pinterest.

A lot of what I chose for my Pinterest board was places to go and things to do. When traveling to a foreign country I like to know activities that would be fun or interesting to do. I also pinned a couple resources on food. I don’t like to go much out of my comfort zone with food, so knowing what to expect as far as what I’ll be eating makes things a little easier. And just in case, I made sure to pin a couple posts about the currency exchange rate so I would know about how much money I would need.

Martes el trece #1

1.¿Adónde fue él cuando se rompió el brazo?

He went to the hospital when he broke his arm.
él due a la hospital cuando se rompio el brazo.

2.¿Por qué llegó tarde él a la escuela?

He arrived late because he missed (perder) the bus.
él llegó tarde porque él perdio el autobus.

3.¿Por qué pensó él que el miércoles sea(would be) mejor día?

Because his friend gave him good news about his wallet.
Porque su amigo le dio buenas noticias sobre su cartera.

4.¿Por qué recibió una detención en la clase de ciencias?

He received a detention because he talked too much(demasiado) in science class.
él recibió una detención porque él hable demasiado el la clase de ciencias.

5.¿Qué comió él para el almuerzo?

He didn’t eat nothing for lunch. (remember, in Spanish, you want to answer with a double negative here)
él no comi no para almuerzo.

News Story 2

As a result of being charged with theft, PTA treasurer Mary Burns is awaiting the prosecution of criminal charges filed by the PTA.

“We had a good idea she was taking money from the organization,” PTA finance officer Jeanette Lumpkin said.

The PTA discovered $2,000 missing last fall and believed someone stole from the organization. When the school planned to take the junior class to see Macbeth, there was no longer enough money in the account.

“I know that we had planned for two weeks to go to the theatre to see Macbeth , and at the last minute it was cancelled,” Junior James Grigsby said. “We were pretty disappointed because we had been studying the book for almost a month.”

Students and teachers dealt with the news as well as possible. Doing their best to quell rumors, they spoke about about it as best they could.

“We’ve done a lot to quell the rumors, but we’ve tried to be as honest about it to the students without being negative towards those directly involved,” Junior English teacher Marilyn Lenk said. “It’s better for the kids to know what has happened rather than allowing undocumented gossip to spread and possibly some wrong conclusions made because we didn’t communicate.”

Burns is partially paralyzed and uses a wheelchair. Her health was becoming a problem and did not have the means to pay for medical treatment.

“I know that Mary has been having some health problems, but that doesn’t give her the right to take money that doesn’t belong to her,” Lumpkin said.

Last month, auditors found a $14,000 discrepancy. Burns is being charged with theft of between $1,500 and $20,000. If Burns is found guilty, she faces a maximum of 10 years in jail and/or a $150,000 fine.

“We would certainly prosecute if we found a school employee who was taking activity funds,” Superintendent of school Curtis King said. “We would hope the PTAs do the same.”

According to Sydney Long, the PTA president, the PTA feared that filing charges against Burns would tear the organization apart. But in turn, it brought them together. They had the support of the students and teachers.

“This indictment is a signal that parents who support school activities in the district intend to take strong action against theft in the future. You just have to be very vigilant,” King says.

News Story One

The school board will meet Monday to decide on Junior Jim Stack’s request to grow his hair in order to donate it to Locks of Love. a non profitable organization that provide hair to those who lost theirs to cancer.

“I hope the board approves my request,” Junior Jim Stack said. “Donating my hair to Lock of Love is very special project to me.”

Stack’s sister inspired him to donate his hair. His sister, Jasmine Stack, received a wig from Locks of Love. After speaking to the president of the foundation, Stack found out that one of the best ways to contribute to the foundation meant donating hair.

“We desperately need human hair for our wigs,” Lock of Love president Gisel Roco said. “Every month we receive about 200 requests from families who cannot afford a wig for their sick child, and every month we have to turn down about 150 of those requests.”

Stack’s goal is grow his hair out 10 inches in order to donate. When Stack’s request was denied by the principal, he wrote to the school board in hopes of receiving an approval.

“Had I approved Jim’s request, then I would have students asking if they also could break the dress code,” Principal Tonya King said.

The dress code states that a male’s hair cannot be longer than collar length. Instead of allowing Stack to grow out his hair, King offered to help with a fundraiser.

“I would be more than willing to help with the fundraiser,”King said.

According to Stack, he wants to do more. He doesn’t want to just donate money like everyone else, he wants to donate hair to help those turned down.

“Anyone can donate money, but it takes time and dedication to grow their hair out and donate it,” Stack said.

Despite the denial of his request from King, the school board sent a letter to the student council with 350 signatures approving of Stack’s request.

“I think it’s cool that Jim is gaining support,” Student council president Gilbert Catillo said. “Rulers were made to be broken, and this is a very good reason to break one.”

The school board will be meeting on Monday at 7 pm to vote on this issue. Stack’s hope is to have his request approved and have others do the same.

“After I reach my goal of 10 inches of hair, I hope I can inspire more people in the town to grow their hair and donate it.”

My Morning Routine

Primero, me despierto a las sies y trienta de la mañana. Entonces, me levanto a las seis y cuarenta. Me cepillo los dientes, entonces me maquillo, luego arreglo el pelo. Finalmente, voy a la escuela a las siete y trienta de la mañana.

Ender’s Game Bio Poem

Smart, different, shy, brave
Son of Theresa and John Paul Wiggin
Lover of Valentine, games, and winning
Who feels scared around Peter, safe around Valentine, and happy around Alai
Who gives friendship, courage, and hope
Who would like to see his parents, Valentine, and a world without Buggers
Who lives in North Carolina or Battle School

blunt, musical, artistic
Daughter of Cherlyn
Lover of music, dance, and poetry
Who feels happy with friends and safe with family
Who gives love, advice, and comfort
Who fears opening up to people, thinking about her future, and death
Who would like to see London, California, and Rome
Who lives in White Oak, Texas

Ethan Frome Bio Poem

Pretty, Young, Wide-eyed, Orphaned
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Silver
Lover of cooking, nature, and people
Who feels happy with Ethan and nervous around Zeena
Who gives love, joy, and encouragement
Who fears showing her feelings, being with Ethan, and Zeena finding out about her loving Ethan
Who would like to see a life with Ethan, west, and simpler times
Who lives in Starkfield, Massachusetts

blunt, musical, artistic
Daughter of Cherlyn
Lover of music, dance, and poetry
Who feels happy with friends and safe with family
Who gives love, advice, and comfort
Who fears opening up to people, thinking about her future, and death
Who would like to see London, California, and Rome
Who lives in White Oak, Texas

Ender’s Game Playlist

1) Wonder Boy by The Kinks- This song expresses the importance of youth and the importance of enjoying it, but Ender never really gets the chance to enjoy his youth. He’s always been different, and treated as such. Lyrics here

2) The In Crowd by Mitchell Musso- Ender has trouble fitting in and is always set apart from the other kids, by accident or on purpose. He doesn’t know what it’s like to fit in and be like everyone else. Lyrics here

3) Not Ready to Make Nice by The Dixie Chicks- Finally, Ender has had enough of being tormented and teased and beaten up. He learns to fight back with the kids on the playground and also the kids at Battle School in an attempt to be treated better. Lyrics here

4) Remind Me Who I Am by Jason Gray- Ender begins to rethink who he is and lose his identity. He starts to become aware of how he resembles Peter, someone he does not want to be, and questions who he really is. Lyrics here

5) 21 Guns by Green Day- This song is to symbolize the war going on throughout he book and the want to end it. Lyrics here